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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Double Sinful!

Having the day off work with nothing to do equals a double feature. Today's post features 3 more new to me Sinful Colors polishes. Both manicures also features the new Flirt plates I got from Walmart for $3. They worked surprisingly well for $1.50 a piece.

Cinderella is a light blue with pink micro-glitter. Glass Pink is a light pink with pink micro-glitter. Both Cinderella and Glass Pink by Sinful Colors are extremely sheer. Cinderella took 3 coats. Glass Pink wouldn't build up enough without being thick and goopy so I used 1 thin coat of JLB Blush before putting on 2 coats of Glass Pink. Plate B65 has this cute full nail design on it that transferred really well except for my ring finger. I painted in a couple of spots myself. The image fit perfectly on my fingers, but not my thumb. I have small nail beds so I doubt this would work for most people.

Sinful Colors - Cinderella
Sinful Colors - Glass Pink
JLB - Blush
e.l.f. - Chocolate
Seche Vite - topcoat
Flirt - B65

I love Sally Hansen Insta-Dri and Art Deco for stamping! The flowers are from the second Flirt plate B17 and the cute leaves are from plate B65. These designs transferred better than my Bundle Monster plates. I'm very pleased with my $3 purchase! The color combo reminds me of the brown baby bedding/accessories.

Sinful Colors - Nirvana
Sally Hansen - Lickety-Split Lime
Art Deco - Baby Pink
Seche Vite - Topcoat
Flirt - B17
Flirt - B65

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