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Friday, October 12, 2012

Snow White

I've been staring at the 2 Fantasy Makers polishes I got weeks ago and trying to think of something for Halloween. I got the red glitter Once Upon a Time and the purple based Rest in Pieces. The two of them together kept reminding me of Snow White's apple and the queen. So for the first attempt at Halloween this year, I went with more dress up than the tradition pumpkins or black cats.

Of course these were an impulse buy. After putting on the one coat of Once Upon a time, I realized it's exactly like Spoiled Ants in My Pants. Both have a gray base and take about 5 coats to get coverage. I'm not sure, but I think Rest in Pieces may be black with purple micro glitter. It definitely looks purple though with all those sparkles.

Fantasy Makers - Once Upon a Time
Fantasy Makers - Rest in Pieces
JLB - Immortal Gold
Seche Vite - topcoat
BM - 215