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Thursday, September 27, 2012

First Attempt at Nail Tape

This was my first time trying out nail tape. I had originally used it to mask my ring finger, but I was too cautious in removing it and the polish dried too much resulting in a messy stripe. This is also my first time using the Spectraflair topcoat I made with my sisters a few weeks ago. Too many polishes so little time! On the downside, the topcoat was an afterthought and took away from the natural subtle sparkles of Orly After Party on my ring finger.

You can see on the edges I made the mistake of doing my nails at night with the intention of photographing them in the morning. The edges started to lift in my sleep. I tried to clip them down a little, but after a couple of hours I was pulling them the rest of the way off.

The picture below is a better shot of the Spectraflair holo, but still doesn't do it as much justice as being in full sunlight. I think one more coat would have done a better job of giving it a more linear feel.

Finger Paints - Grape Gumball
Orly - After Party
Spectraflair - topcoat
Pink Nail Tape

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