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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Beetle Love

A little while ago I was super excited to pick up Hard Candy Beetle which looks exactly the same as Orly Space Cadet for half the price. In the meantime, during the Sally's Beauty Supply half off all clearance items event, I got the Orly Original French Manicure set that had Space Cadet in it. The set included Top 2 Bottom, Liquid Leather, Space Cadet, chevron tip stickers, and regular french manicure stickers. I paid less for the whole set than I did for Hard Candy Beetle. Oops! If only I had know before. Which means I have a lucky sister that gets Beetle! I hadn't actually used it so before it gets gifted I had to try it out and OH   MY   GOD I love it!

Of course I couldn't leave well enough alone. I had to stamp it with... beetles of course.

I was so excited about this picture I had to make it X-Large! I positioned my fingers so you could see just how different it looks at different angles.

Straight on, it looks like purple with a gold shimmer. This is also the way the bottle looks.

Another X-Large because those little sparkles are amazing. I stamped Lady Beetles in black, gold, and silver marching across my nails.

Hard Candy - Beetle
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri - Silver Sweep
Wet n Wild - Black Creme
JLB - Immortal Gold
Orly Top 2 Bottom - base and topcoat
Shany - SH12

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