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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Furry aka Velvet Nails

I'd seen this done before here and wanted to try it out for myself. This is definitely not an every day manicure. People have labeled this, in reference to Ciate's manicure sets, as velvet. However, it comes out more of a furry stuffed animal rather than velvet. This was my first attempt so there are some things I could change to make this better. I did as suggested and bought the same flocking powder set from Michael's. I had quite a few issues. The flocking powder was mostly clumped together making the openings in the containers useless. I jammed the sharp end of a paper clip down in there a few times to break it up which helped a little, but the results weren't exactly powdery. I tried mashing my finger into the top of the container, but that only resulted in wiping away some polish. A friend gave me some tiny resealable storage bags from the dollar store so I tried pouring some in there first and dipping my finger in, but I wound up getting my finger stuck to the inside of the bag or having the polish dry on me before I could manipulate the powder onto my finger. I found the best way to go about this was pour some into the bag, then pour some onto my finger over a piece of paper or wax paper. Then I patted it down a little to make sure it was sticking. After it was dry, I used an old makeup brush to brush away the excess. I did get a couple of bald spots, but I put a little more polish on and then more flocking powder. It did fix that problem, but it also resulted in making clumps and/or discoloration. Another thing to note is the polish underneath makes a difference in the final color. The softer the polish color, the less extreme these bright colors will look. As you can see, I used polish that almost matched the powder exactly.

Sorry I can't include the names of the polishes I used because they came in a pack of 10 mini L.A. Colors Color Craze with no names on the packaging or the bottles.

Flocking Powder - Recollections 6 pack
L.A. Colors - Color Craze assorted

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