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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Maybelline Fall 2012 Limited Edition Color Show

I read these were coming out soon so I hunted them down at Rite Aid. I only bought 2 colors because I couldn't find any swatches anywhere and the other colors just didn't seem special enough.

The first one I got was Pink Cosmo which is a dupe for Swanky Silk in China Glaze's Bohemian Collection. I had the hardest time photographing this one. It kept showing up as gold with a flash of green on camera. It's actually gold with a pink duochrome. I did better with the natural light but it still wasn't quite as pink in the photo as it is in person.

Maybelline Color Show - Pink Cosmo

This one is Downtown Brown. As you can see in the macro shot, it has a teal duochrome but you can't see it's actually brown. Again, in person it's less teal and more green but I had the hardest time getting an accurate color.

Maybelline Color Show - Downtown Brown

Both shots of Downtown Brown were taken in the same natural lighting. One was just closer to the camera than the other.

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